SuperEze Expand Their Social Media Reach To Pinterest

Kitchen Giants SuperEze Join Pinterest

Kitchen Giants SuperEze Join Pinterest

The staff at SuperEze has just recently launched a new social media fan-page for customers on Pinterest. The company, who make kitchen gadgets and accessories, to make tedious tasks less mundane, has opened the fan-page on the social media platform on Pinterest in recent weeks.

“We have been building up our social media presence over the last few weeks in order to make it as simple as possible for our customers to get in touch with us. At this stage we have launched fan-pages on Pinterest, Facebook and our YouTube Channel. We also have our website, , so customers should be able to contact us very easily. ” reported Joan, Head of Social Media Relations.

Kitchen Gadget Experts SuperEze Launch on Youtube

The kitchen tools experts, SuperEze, have just announced they have launched a brand new video channel on YouTube for the benefits of their customers. The company, who specialize in kitchen gadgets for making your life a little easier and a little less tedious, recently took to the YouTube platform.

SuperEze Launch on Youtube

SuperEze Cheese & Vegetable Slicer & Grater

“We have serviced customers for over a decade now. When we started out in the beginning, we worked as a middle man for a bigger brand name retailing their products. Through our efforts we learned a lot about the business, both about the products and our customers. It was at this point that we decided we were going to create our own brand, as we felt we were in a great position to look after our customers and their requirements. We believe that customer support is vital in our line of work, and it is this reason that we created our new SuperEze YouTube Channel. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for customers to be able to get in contact with us, with their questions and queries, whenever they need to.” said Joan Reynolds, Social Media Relations Manager.